I had so many problems in my life that I did not know what to do. Because of the problems with my family I went home to Nigeria with my son, as I had been told that there was a pastor who could help me in Tabernacle church. But he ministered to people around me but told me nothing. While I was praying and asking God why no one was helping me I heard a voice telling me to return to U.S. to meet someone that he was sending to me and described a woman in great detail. When I got back to U.S I met Prophetess Eunice Ade-Salu, and she was the same woman that was described to me in Nigeria!
But although I was now going to church I still felt as if everyone was receiving blessing except me and I prayed to God, “Father, if this is truly your prophetess then show me a sign that she has been sent from you to help me”. While I was praying my son called the Prophetess and asked her to pray for me, and she asked to speak to me.  “When I came on the phone she said why are you asking me to pray for you? I have just finished lifting you up in prayer for the last two hours. I was sorting out the collection and when I touched your offering I immediately felt a shock like electricity run through my body, and I was  taken up in the spirit and moved to pray for you and your family. I have been praying for two hours and had just finished when the phone rang and it was your son asking me to pray for you, so what happened?
This is how I know she is truly a Prophetess sent from God! Since that time I have been a part of Restoration & Deliverance Ministries and have brought many people to receive deliverance.  People who had blood pressure were cured, sick people received miraculous healing and many persons were restored to Christ, to the glory of Almighty God! When I had a terrible pain in my leg I applied olive oil that had been anointed by the Prophetess and the pain went away!
I now have so much to thank God for! The problems in my life and with my family have all been fixed, Thank God, and I pray that He continues to bless Restoration & Deliverance Ministries and His Prophetess, Eunice Ade-Salu.
Sister Hannah



Although I have always been spiritual I was never a church person, as I did not like the hypocrisy that I saw in a lot of churches. When my wife was diagnosed with breast cancer it made us get much closer to God.  When she felt the need to attend a particular church, I went her to support her.  The fellowship, Love and Prayers she received from church members helped to beat cancer and now she is cancer-free for 3 years and counting, praise God!
This has given us renewed appreciation of fellowship and prayer, but unfortunately the pastor of that church did not stand up to scrutiny, and was more concerned about money than people. This was big turn-off for me and I no longer desired to go church, as I felt that it was just another con game being played on honest God seeking people.  The last straw came when he insulted our daughter on the phone in front of other church members to pray with and for each other.  It was at one of these meetings that my wife was introduced to Prophetess Eunice Ade-Salu, a true Woman of God! When she came home she encouraged me to return to church so I went (reluctantly)
From the first time I entered Restoration & Deliverance International Ministries I felt the presence of the Spirit of God! The goodwill, Love and genuine concern I felt from the Prophetess and church members made me feel as if I had finally found a true place of worship, where God’s will is truly be expressed! I saw that the Holy Spirit spoke through the Prophetess to counsel and guide people to their true destiny. Since that day we have attended church regularly and continue to receive guidance and teaching from the Prophetess.
I give thanks to God that He has led us to Restoration and I pray He continues to guide the foot-steps of Prophetess Eunice Ade-Salu and Restoration & Deliverance International Ministries, of which I am proud to be a part. I am sure that I will become a stronger force for good as I continue to receive blessings from this Ministry!
I give thanks to God that He has led us To Restoration and I pray that He continues to guide the foot-steps of Prophetess Eunice Ade-Salu and Restoration & Deliverance Int. Ministries, of which I am proud to be a part. I am sure that I will become a stronger force for good as I continue to receive blessings from this Ministry!
I can now testify to the real power of prayer and what effect group prayers can have on people’s lives God is truly working Miracles in my life and my family’s life! May God Bless the Prophetess!
To God be the Glory!



My name is Minister Debbie Tawa Ayeni, I gave glory and honor to almighty God for the life of my spiritual mother Prophetess (Mrs) Eunice Ade-salu, a great woman of God, I thank God for the anointing upon her that she always release on me and my family. To mention few because of the space, when my son had problem I called the prophetess for prayer she said my daughter am coming to your house which I told her is not necessary we only need her to pray for us, lo and behold she came and prayed and prophesied everything that my son was hiding from us was exposed through the great woman of God, then the prophetess looked at me and said my daughter i am very sorry, you are going to fast 3 days white fasting, I cried because I was very strong at that time I asked her if I can do regular fasting with her commanding tone "she said NO this is the word of God I can not change it", she prayed with me again for the God to give me power and strength. To God be the glory I completed the fasting and the name of God was glorified. The Lord freed my son through the prayer and support of my spiritual mother. May your anointing never dry off in Jesus name. Amen

from Minister Debbie Tawa Ayeni






Prophetess Eunice Ade-Salu is a daughter of destiny and is highly anointed by God. She is an Evangelist, Conference Speaker, Counselor and Revivalist. Prophetess Ade-Salu is the founder of Restoration & Deliverance International Ministries, Women of Destiny, African Mission International, and Eunice Ade-Salu Outreach Ministries. 

This great woman of God has a voice worth listening to, and is an end time instrument in the hands of God. Her calling is committed to the development of the potential of men and women in the society.

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