Loose Him and Let Him go

Power Must Change Hands

Taking Dominion

Divine Connection


You go wherever Eunice Adesalu goes! you go as a partner through your gifts. we have stories of people who received faith to change an adverse circumstance because of an empowering word that came to through the Ministry of Prophetess Ade-Salu. You are part of this miracle because of your Support. You can be a partner through giving, through prayer and being part of what God is doing.



Prophetess Eunice Ade-Salu is a daughter of destiny and is highly anointed by God. She is an Evangelist, Conference Speaker, Counselor and Revivalist. Prophetess Ade-Salu is the founder of Restoration & Deliverance International Ministries, Women of Destiny, African Mission International, and Eunice Ade-Salu Outreach Ministries. Learn more...